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Plastic has taken over our lives. It doesn’t matter how environmentally conscious you are, there is no avoiding the plastic footprint that we all carry to some extent. Sadly, our planet feels the impact with each and every piece of plastic that we interact with as consumers. No action is too small when it comes to eliminating plastic consumption from our daily lives and a simple place to start is by investing in glass reusable straws. 


A glass straw isn’t just valuable for the environment, a clean straw is more sanitary than drinking directly from a glass or cup. Feel confident that you’re not just taking a small step toward reducing your plastic consumption, you’re taking a small step to removing unnecessary bacteria from your life from potential sources like the lid of an aluminum can or a drinking container that may have been touched by another person. 

Tala Clear Glass Straws

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

Our glass straws come in a set of 8, 4 bent and 4 straight along with two cleaning brushes.


Size: 9 inch x 10mm

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