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It’s a brisk autumn morning and you’re waking up with the sun. The house is still a bit chilly so you’ve kept on your robe as you make your way to the kitchen to start the first brew of fresh coffee for the day. As you scoop the fresh beans into your grinder the dark nutty aroma begins to tickle your senses. The pot is on and brewing so you take a moment to grab the book that you can never seem to find the time to finish and set it down on the table – this morning, you have time. The coffee is done and you pour it into the Siwa Double Insulated Glass Cup. The coffee is piping hot, straight from the pot, but your hand is still cool. As you make your way to the table you take a quick sip from the coffee cup and close your eyes as you get ready for a beautiful day.

The Siwa Double Insulated Glass Cup is perfect for all types of drinks, hot or cold, and your hands won’t feel the difference. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee/espresso or a cold glass of lemonade. Coming in three different sizes this cup is the perfect accessory to start and end your day. 

Siwa Double Insulated Glass Cups


The Siwa double insulated glass cups are available in three sizes.


5 oz.  3" Diameter x 3" High   |   150 ml  D.70mm*H.70mm 

12 oz. 3.25" Diameter x 4.5" High   |   350 ml D.80mm*H.115mm 

19 oz. 3.25" Diameter x 8" High   |   550ml  D.80mm*H.200mm 

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