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A honey jar is more than just a jar. It’s a symbol of comfort and health. It has a feeling of warmth and is a fond reminder of sitting at the table with mom or grandma to enjoy a quiet cup of tea while chatting about your day, the weather, family, or simple pleasantries.

Don’t purchase a honey jar designed to be shoved in the back of your pantry. Invest in a honey jar that compliments the room, something sleek and stylish that can be left on the countertop as decoration - something to spark conversation and bring family together.

The Neith Honey Jar with Dipper is that piece. This glass honey jar with dipper is the modern-yet-nostalgic kitchen accessory that can bring a family to the table to sit around for a casual cup of sweetened tea.

Neith Honey Jar with Dipper

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price