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A honey jar is more than just a jar. It’s a symbol of comfort and health. It has a feeling of warmth and is a fond reminder of sitting at the table with mom or grandma to enjoy a quiet cup of tea while chatting about your day, the weather, family, or simple pleasantries.

Don’t purchase a honey jar designed to be shoved in the back of your pantry. Invest in a honey jar that compliments the room, something sleek and stylish that can be left on the countertop as decoration - something to spark conversation and bring family together.

The Neith Honey Jar with Dipper is that piece. This glass honey jar with dipper is the modern-yet-nostalgic kitchen accessory that can bring a family to the table to sit around for a casual cup of sweetened tea.

Neith Honey Jar with Dipper

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price

Glass honey pot and dipper set makes any tea time so much fun. The glass dipper is perfect for drizzling honey on biscuits or adding to tea, without the mess. 


  • Honey pot is made of High Borosilicate Glass

  • Lead-free glass with an extra-wide mouth

  • Non-toxic, food grade safe and eco-friendly

  • Non-toxic for neutral taste and scent

  • Dishwasher safe and heat resistant

  • Glass dipper offers a more sanitary alternative from the more common wood dipper


Size: 10 oz / 280 ml

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