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Are you one of those people who buys flour or sugar and rolls the bag with a clip to seal it? Do you keep olives in the original jar from the store?

Get your kitchen swagger on with the Mut Glass Jar Set from Ludlow Designs. These stylish glass jars with wooden lids are perfect for organizing your pantry or for decorating your countertop in creative and clever ways. Picture your countertop now; fresh lemons in the summer, olives in the fall, cranberries in the winter, and flowers in the spring. It’s the perfect way to jazz up the kitchen without breaking the bank. 


These glass food storage jars are the perfect remedy for anyone experiencing tupperware or ziplock bag fatigue. Organize your pantry once and for all while keeping your food fresh and reducing any reliance on plastic products.

    Mut Glass Jar Set


    Our glass jars are made with food grade high borosilicate glass and 100% natural unfinished acacia wood. Excellent for storing cereal, flour, rice, pasta, and much more.


    • 3 sizes with extra-wide mouth 

    • Glass storage offers a better alternative from plastic storage for taste and scent neutrality

    • Lead-free and food-grade safe

    • Non-toxic and eco-friendly

    • Food grade silicone ring in the lid offers an airtight and moisture proof closure to keep the food fresh and dry

    • Handwashing recommended for wooden lid

    • Dishwasher safe and heat resistant glass and silicone ring


    1300 ml/44 oz

    2000 ml/68 oz

    2800 ml/95 oz

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